We are the authorised exclusive Distributors of World’s leading Companies. We reach out all our Customers with Strong Sales and Marketing Teams. We have been Extremely Successful as we with our trained technical teams providing right solutions and installation and support locally.

We also have 1000 SFT System Integration and Acceptance test Facility allowing us do the Test and Calibration of all kinds of System Integration.


The factory trained team of Engineers provides Installation and Support services including 24X7 timelines on mission critical installations. We maintain local spares as well as repair facilities specialized with required equipment to meet stringent SLA timelines.  Our Engineers visit customers to provide these services within India and neighboring countries as well as customers in Middle East,  Africa and Europe. 


Advance Tech and their founders have successfully established Joint venture companies. The joint venture companies include SCADA software company from USA, Scientific Instruments company from France, Embedded systems manufacturer from Germany, Voice logger company from Netherlands. We provide cost effective manufacturing, manpower & infrastructure for easy access to the market utilising 25 years of Goodwill & 1000’s of customer.

Customers Across India Middle East and Africa and US

Since 1995 Serving Customers

AdvanceTech was established in 1995 with the aim to provide quality service, state-of-the-art products and solutions by leveraging the vast experience of the founders of the company in the field of technology.The company is a leading provider of technology products and services with over 25 man-years of unmatched experience with more than 1000 satisfied customers. We are recognized as the pioneer in many technological products and have been involved many application oriented support and solution programs. We attribute our success to our dedicated employees. They meet our esteemed customer’s need to succeed in this technological race with time by providing up-to-the-minute products and solutions.

The independent business groups within AdvanceTech are headed by dynamic team leaders and cater to the diversified market segments around the globe. The business groups are driven by experienced group leaders and supported by team of qualified personnel who are PhDs, MBAs and engineers for value addition and application support throughout the world.All business groups are managed with product, marketing and service team. The service team members are trained in factories; to provide world class support services. We have seen excellent growth in varied market segments. Our reach in diversified market has helped us to sustain the growth rate irrespective of market sentiments in any individual segment.

Board of Directors

ADVANCE TECH is led by a strong and experienced Board. It currently includes representatives with three members. Its members bring diversity in expertise and perspective to the leadership of a complex, highly regulated, global business.


Electrical engineer, with more than 35 years of experience, in the field of Hi-Tech, Scientific, Nuclear, Microwave, Test & Measurement, Process Control Automation Instrumentation. During the professional career in sales and service, he developed excellent contacts with customers. He was trained in many fortune 500 companies for technical & support services. Being visionary & founder has successfully established Joint ventures companies and off shore development centres.


Instrumentation & Control Engineer, with an experience of over 29 years in the field of Process Control and Instrumentation. He is also the in charge of our sales activities and responsible for achieving desired targets. Works closely with export manager for forecasting, setting targets & implementing the strategy to achieve the desired target. Proactively manages Sales teams and incharge of Business Development activities.


Instrumentation & Control Engineer with an Experience of over 29 years in field of Embedded Computing , Instrumentation , Project Engineering and Program/product Management. Successfully worked on rugged defense projects with system integration and application in area of High Speed Data Acquisition. Highly skilled technical capabilities allows him to manage the CTO position well. His analytical skills helps even our Finance teams.

Our Team Leaders and Rock Stars

Advance Tech business units are headed by Experienced Team Leaders


HEAD Radiation Education Research


HEAD Mil Aero & Defense


HEAD Industrial Automation


HEAD Banking Enterprise

Portfolio of Teams & Facilities

Dynamic team members are always an asset alongwith state of art facilities