Tritium Monitors

β ionix /Portable Tritium Monitor: The portable monitor, β ionix is intended for the real-time Tritium activity monitoring and other Beta emitters in ambient air. Due to its very high sensitivity, its ergonomics and its reliability, the β ionix portable monitor provides the radiation levels to your teams on dismantling, construction, process controls, surveillance of premises etc.

  • Manual gamma compensation or automatic compensation of gamma
  • Choice and ability to personalize units used (Bq/m3, Ci, RCA, LPCA, DAC..
  • High Performance: sensitivity – limit of detection from 4 E-7 μCi/ cc (2% DAC of H-3)
  • Programmable pre alarm and alarm levels

C ionix/Installed Tritium Monitor: The monitor C ionix is used to measure continuous activity of Tritium and other β emitters in a gas for all applications of workplace monitoring, decommissioning, stack release or other applications.

  • Precision: 5 % of the measured value ± 15kBq/m3 (BM8)
  • Touch screen with intuitive menus and universal symbols.
  • In option: HTO & Noble Gas detection
  • Stability: 20 kBq/m3 / an (BM8)

HT ionix/Tritium Sample bubblers: The range of bubblers HT ionix consists of trappers intended for monitoring levels of concentration of atmospheric tritium HTO (vapour) form and HT (gas). The HT ionix bubblers adapt to all your control applications in stacks, ventilation systems, surveillance of premises or even environmental applications.

  • High trapping efficiency HT & HTO → > 95%
  • Applications: radioprotection, environmental protection, discharge measurement
  • Weight (< 15kg) and rugged
  • Color touch screen &Color identification of bottles

M ionix/Mobile tritium detector: : The mobile tritium detector M ionix is used for real time monitoring of tritium levels and other ambient beta gases in the air. M ionix assures radioprotection for your teams continuously during construction or as a temporary replacement of a fixed monitor.

  • Tritium from 5 kBq/m3 to 2.7 GBq/m3
  • Krypton from 600 Bq/m3 to 0.3 GBq/m3
  • Radon from 8 Bq/m3 to 4.17 MBq/m3
  • Manual compensation of gammas and noble gases.

Radon Monitor & Accessories

Radon/Thoron Monitor: RAD7 is a truly versatile radon and thoron detector used by research scientists and professionals worldwideThe RAD7 is a Sniffer that detects the 3-minute alpha decay of a radon daughter, without interference from other radiations.

  • Measures EPA action level of 4 pCi/L in under two hours
  • Capture analysis software
  • Air /Water/soil ….ETC On field measurement accessories

RAD H2O/Radon In Water Accessory Kit: The RAD H 2O is an accessory for the RAD7 that enables you to measure radon in water over a concentration range of from less than 10 pCi/L to greater than 400,000 pCi/L. The RAD H 2O gives results after 30 minutes analysis with a sensitivity that matches or exceeds that of liquid scintillation methods.

  • Portable: Complete kit provided in fitted case; weighs just 13 lbs.
  • Automatic: Procedure is controlled fully by the connected RAD7.
  • Sensitive:Lowest limit of detection is 10 pCi/L (20 minute count).

RAD7-SOIL GAS PROBES: We offer two heavy-duty soil probes for Radon/Thoron from underground measurement purpose: the Hardened Steel Soil Gas Probe, and the AMS Stainless Steel Soil Gas Probe. When measuring radon underground, it is essential to collect samples without exposing them to the outside air.

  • Suited forHard packed soil / Soft soil
  • Probe Material is Steel /Stainless Steel.
  • OptionalVacuum Gauge

RAD AQUA/Continuous Radon in Water Accessory: The RAD AQUA is an accessory for the DURRIDGE RAD7 radon detector that is used to bring the radon concentration in a closed air loop into equilibrium with the radon concentration in a flow-through water supply.

  • Radon and Thoron Measurement: Continuous monitoring in water.
  • Fast: 95% response in 30 minutes.
  • Sensitive: Can monitor radon even in concentrations below 1 pCi/L.
  • Accurate: Measurements are precise within +/- 5%.

WATER PROBE: The DURRIDGE Water Probe is used to collect radon samples from large bodies of water. The probe consists of a semi-permeable membrane tube mounted on an open wire frame. The tube is placed in a closed loop with the RAD7.

  • The same high sensitivity as the RAD AQUA.
  • Radon passes into the membrane tubing.
  • Samples from large bodies of water

CAPTURE/Data Acquisition and Analysis Software: DURRIDGE’s free CAPTURE software for Macintoshand Windows provides the ability to download radondata files from the RAD7 and issue commands to theinstrument for performing various common tasks. Achart recorder renders sophisticated real-time graphsof radon and thoron data from single or multipleRAD7s.

  • CAPTURE can perform two-way communication with RAD7
  • Graphing features includeadvanced data navigation,
  • Multiple statistics panels,and enhanced selection abilities.
  • Radon data graph can shows in  CAPTURE software.

Bulk/Surface Emission Chambers : Bulk Emission Chamberis perfect for storing samples of rock, soil, and more. Two quick-release ports make it easy to connect the Bulk Emission Chamber to the RAD7 in a closed loop for continuous measurement. The chamber’s lid is attached with six thumbscrews, which can be easily loosened when the sample needs to be replaced.

  • Bulk Emission Chamber is available in a 2.8L volum
  • Surface Emission Chamber 
  • The closed loop protocol provides a quick and sensitive reading

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